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CloudPainter is an artificially creative painting robot. It is the sixth robot we have made in twelve years. The first machine drew simple lines with a paint brush, connect-the-dots. Our most recent robot uses a custom 3D printed paint head, two robotics arms, deep learning, and artificial intelligence to create its own original compositions and artwork, much in the way human artists create.  This site describes our progress on this robot, our previous creative machines, and how other artists are making robotic art. 


Our current progress as we try to pull software and hardware together in an attempt to make true artificially creative art. 

Previous Robot Projects

The development of a 3D Robot Head capable of painting with four brushes and five airbrushes.

Painting Robot that took its own pictures, created its own original composition, and painted each portrait one stroke at a time.

Crowdsourced painting machine that allowed thousands of people from around the world to all paint at once on same canvas.

Includes multiple robots that experiments with various approaches and AI concepts.

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