Speciesism - Group Show, New York, NY - May 2019

NeurIPS AI Art Gallery 2018 - Curated Gallery featuring Machine Learning for Creativity and Design

out of office. when A.I. and robots work for us - Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg, Germany - Nov 2018 - Mar 2019

Robotic Artist in Residence at Cook Children's Medical Center - Fort Worth, Texas

PAst Awards and Exhibitions:

DC DataCon 2018 - Artificial Creativity - Washington D.C.

Tysons: Then and Now - Solo Exhibition - Sep-Nov 2018 - Tysons, VA

RobotArt 2018 - First Place Prize in third year of the $100,000 International Competition.

ART.IFICIAL - Website and Book by GumGum exploring artificial creativity and its role in art.

Aspen AI Conference - The First Sparks of Artificial Creativity - Berlin, Germany - 2018

MBN Y Forum 2018 - Seoul, Korea - 2018

DC DataCon 2017 - The Threshold Between Human and Computational Creativity - Washington DC. - 2017

IROS 2017 - Towards and Artist in the Lab - Invited Speaker - Vancouver, BC- 2017

RobotArt 2017 - Top Technical Contribution and Third Place Prize in second year of competition - 2017

NVIDIA GTC 2017 - Featured in Keynote - 2017 

CISR 2017 - Speaker - Oak Ridge National Labs, 2017

Elastic Cause Award - Shortlist - Demo at Elastic{ON} - 2017

Microsoft Surface Innov8r - Short Feature - 2017

TEDx Talk - Teaching Creativity to Robots - 2016

RobotArt 2016 - Second Place Prize in Inaugural Year of the International RobotArt Competition - 2016 - Live ongoing interactive crowd painting performance piece and experiment - 2013-Present

Google Made w/ Code Launch Party - NY - 2014

Barbican's Dev Art Competition - Shortlisted - 2014

Form Follows Software - Group Show - Arizona State University - 2012

Gallery One - The Corcoran - Student Group Exhibition - Wash DC - 2010

Kids Collaborate with Robot Artists - Exhibition with Max Chandler - The Cartoon Network Headquarters, LA - 2010

Beyond Warhol in the 21st Century: A Post-Pop MetaRomantic Retrofit - BAG Gallery - Group Show - Brooklyn - 2010

FLUX 09 - Group Show - Wash DC - 2009

The 12"x12" Exhibit - Art DC - Group Show - Wash DC - 2009

Robot Fest 09 - National Electronics Museum - Robotics Festival - 2009

DC Freshly Squeezed - Group Show - Wash DC - 2008

Ofrenda, Art of the Dead - Group Show - Wash DC - 2008

FLIK International Film Festival and Interactive Exhibition - Group Show - Wash DC - 2008

The Creative Process of Artist Groups - Gallery RFD - Group Show - Georgia - 2008

Gonzaga - Permanent Alumni Collection - Wash DC - 2007

Art Movements Past and Present - Gallery RFD - Group Show - Juror's Choice Award - Georgia - 2007

St Thomas  - Solo Exhibition - Wash DC - 2007

Splash Contemporary Art - Group Show - Ashbury Park NJ - 2007

The Gallaerie - Solo Exhibition - Wash DC - 2007

Featured By:

Robot Art 2018 : First Place Prize in third year of the $100,000 International Competition.

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