Full Visibility's Machine Learning Sponsorship

Wanted to take a moment to publicly thank cloudpainter's most recent sponsor, Full Visibility

Full Visibility is a Washington D.C. based software consulting boutique that I have been lucky enough to become closely associated with. Their sponsorship arose from a conversation I had with one of their partners. Was telling him how I finally thought that Machine Learning, which has long been an annoying buzzword, was finally showing evidence of being mature. Next thing I knew Full Visibility bought a pair of mini-supercomputers for the partner and I to experiment with. One of the two boxes can be seen in the picture of my home based lab below. It's the box with the cool white skull on it. While nothing too fancy, it has about 2,500 more cores than any other machine I have ever been fortunate enough to work with. The fact that private individuals such as myself can now run ML labs in their own homes, might be the biggest indicator that a massive change is on the horizon.

Full Visibility joins the growing list of cloudpainter sponsors which now includes Google, 7BotRobotArt.org, 50+ Kickstarter Backers, and hundreds of painting patrons. I am always grateful for any help with this project that I can get from industry and individuals. All these fancy machines are expensive, and I couldn't do it without your help.

Pindar Van Arman