Hand Painting Compared to Robot Painting

My recent work begins with an idea, and then a single hand painted image.  In this case a robotic octopus wearing a gas mask.  The image is below…

Robotic Octopus with Gas Mask, 9″x12″, Acrylic on Canvas

 Then based on this image, I create several robotic painted prints.  When I say prints, printmakers say it is not a print.  When I call these paintings, painters tell me they are not paintings.  I am not sure what they are, I just like doing them.  Below are three canvases painted by my robot, based on the original hand painted canvas.

Robotic Octopus with Gas Mask, 60″x24″, Acrylic on Canvas

This triptych is much larger than the original and will be on display at my next group exhibition.  

Below are a couple other examples of hand paintings executed by my painting robot...