Winner of the 2018 Robot Art PRize

Will be giving more updates soon. Until then you can learn more about my art in the videos and blog posts below...

CloudPainter is a computationally creative painting robot project. My first machine drew simple lines with a paintbrush by connecting dots and painting-by-numbers. My most recent robots use a custom 3D printed paint head, multiple robotics arms, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and computational creativity to make an increasing amount of independent aesthetic decisions.  

Have always wondered what exactly creativity was. Dissecting my own artistic process and trying to teach it to robots is my attempt to better understand it. While my robots may never be able to make truly original creative decisions, what they are capable of reveals the point where computational creativity ends and human creativity begins. It was not until I began exploring this threshold that I began to understand my own creativity and what it revealed about me as an artist.