Emerging Faces

Emerging Faces

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My art is designing creative algorithms, and the robotic paintings are a record of my progress. These faces emerging from the imagination of my robots are made with the most recent, most advanced creative algorithms.


Until recently, my robots needed a photograph, or set of photographs to begin. My AI would then analyze the photo and put it through a complex series of artificially creative algorithms to create a unique original painting. In this most recent series, my robots no longer even need a photograph.  They are using Generative Adversarial Networks to imagine their own faces. And while their imagination can produce much more detailed faces, these paintings are at the very beginning of this algorithm, where the ghosts of faces begin to emerge from nothing, where order emerges from random chaos.


Each unique painting is created with a robot and number of artificially creative models using a variety of AI algorithms to guarantee that each painting is a custom original piece of art. 


Six standard configurations can be ordered on this website:

Single Canvas Board


Six Canvas Boards

Nine Canvas Boards

Sixteen Canvas Boards

Thirty-Two Canvas Boards


Customizations are available at an additional costs including:

Larger sizes.

Stretched canvas or wood panels. 

Framing or custom installations.


Email me with any questions or more details at pindar.vanarman@gmail.com


Shipping is included with all orders.



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