A.I. On Canvas

A.I. On Canvas


With an AI On Canvas, you are commissioning both a painting, and the custom creative process behind the artwork.

Each commission is a collaboration where I customize my AI based on a back and forth discussion with patron.  The art behind this piece is the design of the artificially creative algorithms that are used to create the painting. The finished painting will be an artifact of the algorithms we stitch together.

How these algorithms are put together will be a big part of what will make this painting beautiful. I will be documenting them as well as recording as much of the painting as possible.  At the conclusion of this commission, I will be delivering two pieces of art. The most obvious will be the painting, but the second piece of art will be a description of the artificially creative process that made the painting.

Two recent examples of this description can be seen by clicking on links below.

Collaboration with Robert Del Naja (Founder of Massive Attack)

Collaboration with Private Collector

As we will be co-creators and co-owners of the specific algorithm we come up with together, it will become our shared property as part of this commission.  For me to use the exact algorithms again in the future, I would need to get your permission. This is why I say that my art is not just about the final painting, but also the design of the creative process that made it.

Looking forward to designing an an algorithms with you.

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