Einstein Portrait

Einstein Portrait


2015, 14"x18", AI on Canvas

Einstein really is one of the most recognizable faces from history.  And unlike many historical figures, he wasn't political, and he didn't belong to a single country, so he is recognized worldwide.  

Due to his contributions to science, it seamed only fitting that a scientific portrait be made of him that takes advantage of as much AI as I could cram into it.  Here is my portrait of him, assisted with the AI of my robot.  Hope you enjoy.

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There are currently multiple ways that you can support my artwork.  The most fun is if you commission a new work which you can do here, however, you can also buy this artwork in one of five formats.

The most exclusive is the original painting of which there will only ever be one.

If the original is already sold and you really must have the painting, you can also by a robotic edition where each stroke is painstakingly repainted by one of my robots.  I typically only make 2 robotic editions, though sometimes I make more.  See details for how many will be created for this piece.

The third way to enjoy one of my pieces is to purchase an embellished limited edition print on stretched canvas.  For these, my robots apply the actual embellishments. Typically I will only make ten or so of these, but there are exceptions. So see details for how many of this piece I will make.

One of the more affordable ways to purchase an original is with a signed limited edition print, which typically come in numbered series between 1-100.  

And if you are just in love with the image, you can always purchase a good old fashioned digital print. This is all you really need.