Portrait of Elle Reeve

Portrait of Elle Reeve


2017, AI on Canvas, 14"x18"

When reviewing some of the most cutting edge AI generated art for VICE, this is the painting that Jerry Saltz said was "the first image I’ve seen that doesn’t look like a computer made it." He even went on to say my robots have "good taste."  Nevermind everything else he said, none of the negative stuff was important. 

What was important is that AI is a new creative tool and this painting of Elle Reeve is one of the first significant artworks created with its help.

The original is still available and there is even an entire video about its creation in this VICE feature. But better than this painting of someone you don't even know, you can have an AI generated portrait custom made for you with a deep portraiture commission.

Hope you enjoy this emerging art form and as always, I appreciate your support as I continue to explore it.




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