cloudpainter at Elastic{ON} 17

Less than half an hour ago I wrote about how I am on my way the first annual TensorFlow Dev Summit at Google HQ. There is more. While in Mountain View I will also be stopping by elastic HQ to discuss an upcoming booth that cloudpainter has been invited to have at Elastic{ON} 2017.

For the booth I have prepped 5 recreations of masterpieces as well as a new portrait of Hunter based on many of my traditional AI applications.  Cool thing about this data set is that I have systematically recorded every brush stroke that have gone into the masterpieces and stored them in an elasticsearch database.

Why?  I don't know. Everything is data - even art.  And I am trying to reverse engineer the genius of artists such as da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet, Munch, and Picasso.  I have no idea what it will tell us about their art work, or how it will help us decipher the artistry. I am just putting the data out there for the data science community to help me figure it out.  The datasets of each an every stroke will be revealed during Elastic{ON} on March 7th.  Until then here is a sneak peak at the paintings my robots made.