Are My Robots Finally Creative?

After twelve years of trying to teach my robots to be more and more creative, I think I have reached a milestone. While I remain the artist of course, my robots no longer need any input from me to create unique original portraits. 

I will be releasing a short video with details shortly, but as can be seen in the slide above from a recent presentation, my robots can "imagine" faces with GANs, "imagine" a style with CANs, then paint the imagined face in the imagined style using CNNs. All the while evaluating its own work and progress with Feedback Loops. Furthermore, the Feedback Loops can use more CNNs to understand context from its historic database as well as find images in its own work and adjust painting both on a micro and macro level.

This process is so similar to how I paint portraiture, that I am beginning to question if there is any real difference between human and computational creativity. Is it art? No. But it is creative.