Hunter's Portrait

Inspired by our trip to the National Portrait Gallery, we started thinking to ourselves, what's so impressive about making our robot's paint like a famous artist.  Sure they are inspirational and a lot can be learned from them, but when you think about it, people are more interested in the art of their loved ones.  

So this morning, Hunter and I decided to do quick portraits of each other and then run the portraits through deep neural nets to see how well they applied to a photo we took of each other. As soon as we started, Corinne joined in so here is obligatory photo of her helping out.

Also in the above photo you can see my abstract portrait in progress.

Below you can see the finished paintings and how they were applied to the photos we took. If you have been following this blog recently, you will know that the images along the top are the source images from which style is taken and applied to the photos on the left. This is all being done via Style Transfer and TensorFlow. Also I should note that the painting on left is mine, while Hunter's is on right. 

Most interesting thing about all this is that the creative agent remains Hunter and I, but still something is going on here. For example even though we were the creative agents, we drew some of our stylistic inspiration from other artist's paintings that we saw at the National Portrait Gallery yesterday. Couldn't a robot do something similar?

More work to be done.