Thanks to Everyone the Kickstarter is Fully Funded and I can Enjoy this Final Week

I am so relieved that heading into this last week that everything is completely funded. People can still make more pledges, but they are no longer needed for success.  

Now I am just enjoying reading people reaction to this project in the various write ups online. Also, I just finished two interviews, one for the local CBS affiliate WUSA9, and a second for CBS's national affiliates.

CBS Interview

To recap on status of all the television interviews, Daily Planet of Discovery Channel told me their piece would air soon.  WUSA9 tells me that they may be able to air their interview with me as early as Wednesday, the last day of the Kickstarter.  And the film crew for CBS's national affiliates thinks they will air in next couple of weeks.  It is so cool to be able to relax and just look forward to these events and how my art comes across on screen.

Thanks again for all your interest and help with this.  It has really brought my work into focus.  I will give updates here on the air dates as soon as they are announced.