We Just Hit the Significant Milestone of 30% Funding!

By some accounts, 30% of funding is a magic number that once reached means a 90% success rate for the Kickstarter effort.  Upon reading about this magical milestone, I was intrigued and started looking at funding percentages of other recently completed Kickstarters. And after this scrutiny I have concluded that someone probably made that stat up.  A large proportion of projects die between 30% and 99%.

But that doesn't matter.  It is still a really respectable number going into the final two weeks of the campaign.  Furthermore, at this point the press, publicity, and support from all of you has been great.  So thanks.

Oh. One more bit of news.  I have an interesting day tomorrow with the biggest interview to date.  A film crew with The Daily Planet of the Discovery Channel Canada will be visiting me in my studio.  I will try to get pictures of the event to share with you all.

Talk to you later,