TEDx Talk

So TEDx Talk went great. Below is a picture taken during my talk by the very first backer of this project, Jessie. 


Oh yeah, a couple other local backers also showed up for the talk, so big thanks to them! And a big thanks to all of you cause I am pretty certain I wouldn't have gotten this far without the success of this Kickstarter and all the press it has gotten. Things have snowballed since this all started and it is pretty much thanks to your backing.

The TEDx Talk is still a little surreal. I will send you all a link to the video as soon as its public. I haven't seen it yet but I didn't trip or mumble, so I think it went well.

Am continuing down list of paintings I owe to backers.  I have contacted you if you are in queue for next couple weeks.  As always if you need a portrait rushed for a special event, or just because, contact me and I will bump you to front of queue.

Thanks for making all this possible,