Robotic Arms, and The Beginning of cloudpainter

So we have long realized this, but now we finally have a plan.  For this painting robot to truly be able to express itself, it needs arms.  So we are planning on adding a pair, if not four.  A conceptual 3D model showing where we would put the first two can be seen below.

So the way we are thinking about this whole robot coming together is to add a pair of robotic arms above the painting area.  They would hold brushes, or maybe a brush and a camera.  Still deciding on this.  But as currently envisioned, the XY table will control the airbrushes, and the arms will control the traditional artist brushes.  Lots of reasons for this, least of which we think it will look cool for them to dance around each other.

We expect to have one of the robot arms, a 7bot, here in a couple of days.  Can't wait to see what we can do with it. 

Another thing we are realizing is that this is beyond the scope of the Neural Jet.  This new robot, a machine with a modular paint head on an xy-table and two robotic arms, is sort of a new project.  So from here on out while the Neural Jet will refer to the modular paint head, the project in its entirety will be referred to as cloudpainter, and will encompass all the tech and algorithms from all of my previous robots.