Robot Now Taking Live Photos of its Progress

Those of you familiar with my art know that I work with a robot that I designed and programmed to help me out with the brush strokes. A picture of one of the robotic heads is to the top left of this blog. 

An interesting recent improvement is a live feed of what the robot is painting at this very instant. Below is a sample of the live image. It is created by collaging photos taken from the robotic head every dozen or so brush strokes.

The top left image is the painting that it is working to complete. The window to the right is a birds eye view of the painting (the collage). And the text on the left are some stats on its progress. This image was taken when the robot had finsihed only 7% of the painting. If you want to see a more complete image, or just want to check out the most recent live photo, go to my homepage at