Photo Submission Guidelines and Quick Update

So about half of you backers have responded to the questionnaire and sent in photos. Some followed the guidelines I gave in earlier post, but most of you just ignored them. So then I realized that you all don't want me telling you what to submit.

Send in whatever you want. I was convinced that some of the submission below wouldn't work, but then they came out great! So what do I know. If you do send in a non-standard image, just have patients with my robots early attempts.   If my existing algorithms have  a hard time with the image, we will just try painting a second one. It will be up to you.

Schedule wise, I have already begun painting some portraits that are needed for Christmas presents. Will have a schedule of when you can expect your paintings as soon as some more questionnaires come back.  If you have not filled out the questionnaire I sent out, please do.  If you need portrait as a Christmas present, please tell me as soon as possible.  The slots are just about full but if its really important to you, its really important to me and I will see what I can do.