Just Got First Couple of Press Shout Outs

Exciting Day.  

Just got a couple new backers and some mentions in the press.  Welcome all.

One of the press write ups was by PJ Pangburn for Vice's Creator Project and its one of my favorite write ups ever.  Pangburn makes me sound so cool.  I didn't even realize my project was as cool as the article made it sound. A link is right here


This Robot Wants to Paint Your Portrait


Also landed 3 interviews in next week.  All this as I am only starting the press part of my campaign.

So thanks to everyone that has supported me to date.  And remember that if you email or send me the photo that you want made into a portrait, I can start them now. Even better I can have them ready to show as samples during my upcoming interviews.  I don't want to jinx any of them, but one is by a cool big international media company that you are probably a fan of.  I actually had a hard time believing they were interested but I think they are, well at least interested enough to come ask me more about it.  As soon as I have more details on each of the upcoming 3 interviews, I will let you know.  In the meantime, get your portraits in so I can be seen working on them during the interviews.

Thanks again for everything and continue spreading the word, I am depending on it.