bitPaintr is 100% Funded! Thank You!

Hi everyone. 

The project is fully funded and will go on!

I am really humbled by this whole Kickstarter experience. I wasn't actually expecting so much support for this idea and I really appreciate all the attention it is getting.  The publicity has been great and I have had a chance to meet a bunch of new people as well as reconnect with old friends and patrons.  It's been so much fun.

As a thank you for funding this so early, I have decided that once the new robot is 100% complete, the first thing it will paint is a limited edition postcard for each and every backer that has gotten it this far. Not sure what it will paint yet but each will be signed and numbered. When you get this postcard, you will know the robot is complete and that you played an important part in making it happen.

Thanks again. And wow,  this has been so cool.