Audience Produces Artwork with Interactive Robot

Multiple audience members created paintings with my art robot at the opening of the FLIK Interactive Art Exhibition last night (July 26, 2008).  A video of how she paints with a brush on canvas can be seen at, or in the link bar on this blog.

At times there was a line of several people waiting to give the robot a shot.  At first people were shy but once samples of audience work started piling up on the robot, everyone seemed to want to make a painting with it.  Below is some of my favorite audience produced work.




I particularly like the walrus.  It was painted by someone who told me they could not draw very well.  I told her not to worry about that and loaded a picture of a walrus into the art application that is used to control my robot.  She then traced the walrus and came out with what I consider a dramatic piece.

Some people traced while others free-handed.  Below is a painting of a robot called “CC6”.  It was designed by a 7 year old who made 3 or 4 practice robots before finally arriving at his final design.

 The second night of the opening will begin tonight at 6:00 PM (July 26, 2008).  Come by the Washington D.C. National Harbor to try your hand at painting with an art robot.