Using 3D Printer to Manufacture Parts

Nothing makes me realize that The Future Is Now more than our new 3D Printer. We are manufacturing the parts we need for the Neural Jet. And the creative process has taken on an iterative nature.  The plan is to have a modular paint head and our design has taken us through seven iterations so far. You can see several of the early wedges that will fit together on our modular head in the pic below.


Some of the attempts went poorly, as can be seen by the tangled mess of plastic on the left. But the design got better as did our proficiency with the 3D printer.  Ultimately we ended up with the following version, called Tray G.


As can be seen in the following picture, this tray holds a standard sized airbrush and resevoir almost perfectly.  When arrayed in a circle, all the airbrushes should be pointing to a central point, and hopefully be able to paint in unison with one another.