Neural Jet Modular Paint Head Complete

We have finished printing what we think will be the final paint tray. In the image above you can see how it will be oriented to the canvas when it is being used to paint. Coincidentally enough, we arrived at the final design on the Model T - Like Henry Ford's car.

(Model T) can hold multiple paint brushes and up to five airbrushes, with modules that fit three different types of airbrushes.  People sometimes have a hard time imagining what we are showing in the photos, so I have included the following schematic that shows how the 5 airbrushes fit together.

The empty slots in the graphic above can be fitted with just about any mark making device, though I am partial to paint brushes.  The reason we want to use paint brushes is that we have yet to find anything that can make marks similar to those in the image below.  And thats what we are ultimately after.