Discovery Channel Just Interviewed Me

So the big interview I wasn't going to announce until it actually happened just happened yesterday.

The Daily Planet of Discovery Channel spent the day with me at my Tysons Studio.

Discovery Channel Interview

At the same time a second camera crew was in Toronto filming one of my first patrons using the robot to paint a portrait.  It was an international painting event as we worked back and forth on what I am told will be a five minute segment.  I can not wait to see it and will tell everyone when the air date will be.

So thanks again for everyone's support.  We are almost at 40% of funding with two weeks to go.  If you know anyone that might want to join in this journey, feel free to tell them about this Kickstarter and what a great Christmas Present these paintings would be. I can do the next 30 or so in time before Christmas!

Think word of mouth. I am relying on it.