New Painting Robotic Head with Camera and Light

About a month ago, I added real time recording capabilities to my painting robot.  Above is a picture of the newly fabricated robotic head. The protective wood case contains a real time camera.  It takes images of the painting from a birds eye view.  A fluorescent light was also added in a temporary test installation (notice the zip ties).  If the light proves durable, it will become a permanent part of the robotic head.

This improvement adds two capabilities.  The first is that it post real time images of paintings as they are being painted.  This allows patrons who commission portrait and paintings to watch the painting being made.  It also allows me to monitor the painting romotely and check on its progress.  Since paintings take between 12-48 hours to complete, this is a very useful tool.

The second capability that this adds is related to painting quality.  Prior to the camera, my algorithms were painting blind.  Instructions were sent to the robotic head and it painted with no feedback from how well it was executing the painting.  Now my algorithms can monitor how well a painting is being executed and make adjustments as needed.  To put this in persepective, try closing your eyes and drawing.  Now open your eyes and perform the same drawing.  The difference in quality should be obvious. My painting robot is no longer painting with its eyes closed…